Public Lecture

This lecture are open to faculty members, students and to public. This talk will give him an excellent opportunity to interact with students & faculty members from various institutions and organizations in in the field of space science and to have their opinions to change and understand their expectations for the 3rd COSPAR Symposium.

  • Date & Time : 14:00~16:00, September 17 (Sun.), 2017
  • Venue : Jeju Starlight World Park and Planetarium
  • Entrance fee : Free
    - Only Korean speeches will be progressed

Invited Speakers

  • Jason Hyon (Chief Technologist, Earth Science and Technology Directorate NASA-JPL)
  • Talk Title : Recent Discovery and Future Aspiration from NASA
  • Gi-Hyuk Choi (Director of Lunar Exploration Program Office, KARI)
  • Talk Title : The Lunar Exploration Plan and Space Exploration Vision of Korea